What Will Be the Result of Upcoming Industrial Action?
January 19, 2010

Well we are getting close now to the period of unrest, what will be achieved?

I know I personally lashed out at the Public Sector over Water Crisis Management. However, my general opinion in my former Life on P.ie was that we should do everything possible to ensure we are not divided as citizens of Ireland. Public Sector Workers yep it is reasonable that you may feel angry and isolated. But you must be mindful of the rest of the Community and their hurt.

Yesterday I listened with astonishment a discussion on the radio which involved the Union Representative and Senior Management from the Mater Private Hospital. There is a strike pending for Feb 1st.  A Union Representative implied that nothing regarding Emergency Cover is guaranteed.  Amazing and totally unprofessional.  Management stated the cuts would stand no matter what,  but then went on to say that though there were cuts made, the hospital had paid Dividends to its’ Shareholders, of whom Staff hold 15%.  Why, because they were in profit.  How in Hell can any Business man justify that.  I must have looked like one of those toy dogs in may car just shaking my head. Yes I know this is a Private Hospital, but is this type of confrontation indicative of what is to come?

The country seems to be holding it’s breath waiting for the battle to commence. The problem is, there will be no winners in this. If Public Sector salaries stay as is, then Private Sector salaries must rise and all Welfare cuts must be reversed. Are the Negotiators on both sides professional enough to pick their way through to a Win Win, no chance. The Union Leaders have cosily sat on their asses for years raking in money when everybody was basically locked into Partnership Agreements.  The Management, Public or Private, have relaxed and lost all the skills to negotiate and will make a complete and utter shambles of it.  The Government do not seem to realise that the light at the end of the tunnel is a train coming at them.  They have convinced themselves nothing will happen.  The Opposition Parties will stir the manure to get a real battle going.  Screw the Country, we need Political Points.

This is a horrific situation for the Country and could bring it to it’s knees. It will divide families and friends. All for what? There is no Winner here. Do I have answers or opinions as a Businessman? Yes I do, but they will not be heard in the mayhem.  The Snowball has started to roll down the hill and it is growing by the second.   IBEC are just keeping their heads down because Public Sector is not their remit.  I am sorry boys and girls But it Damn Well is.   IBEC should be trying to act in some way as facilitators in this mess. But alas, they will stay in hiding.

God Bless Ireland and all who sink in her.

Lifeisagame             19 Jan 2010