Bertie Stares at Empty Box
February 8, 2010

Had the ‘pleasure’ of attending the Ireland Italy rugby game in Croke Park at the weekend…..
Wont talk about the match….
Instead 3 observations…

Maybe half the corporate boxes were taken. Not one corporate box in the Davin Stand was occupied and there were a few vacant positions in the Hogan and Cusack too. Hardly bodes well for ‘supposed sales’ of Corporate boxes in the new Aviva. If the rugby cant fill half the boxes for a six nations game, hardly bodes well for the FAI sales?

Drink, the queues for the bars in Croke Park were crazy, if you had gone out at the half time whistle for a pint, it would have been well into the second half before you got served. Then as you walked into your section you’d discover that you weren’t allowed bring alcoholic beverages into your seat. There was some amount of half drunk and barely drunk pints at the entrance to the section. I hope the Aviva will be better equipped Bar wise.

A little tip….
Buy yourself a cup of tea and a pint. empty the tea (or even drink it!) and fill the cup with your pint (or what remains of it) and walk in without a bother. Or even better still get yourself some cups and lids at the Spar before you go in!

The most exciting thing about the second half was the rumour that a certain ex Taoiseach, and Croke Park regular found himself relegated from the Ard Comhairle and all the great and the good. Instead he looked lost as he sat in the section beside and even had the indignity of having to buy his own programme!

Electionlit  8.2.2010