The Nine Plagues of Ireland
January 11, 2010

The Nine Plagues of Ireland

  1. The Banking Crash
  2. The Budget Deficit
  3. Personal Debt
  4. The Fish Stock Collapse
  5. The Agricultural Crisis
  6. Unemployment
  7. Institutionalised Child Abuse
  8. The Floods and The “Cold Snap”
  9. Our political and union leadership.

There is some biblical quality about the scope of disaster visited on the Nation of Ireland but the sightings of shivering sun, moving statues and tree stump miracles have dried up it seems.  Objective solutions and calm, timely reactions are what’s needed – but have we got it in us at this stage to find them ?  Are we waiting for the Irish Sea to part, so we can trudge across to Holyhead ?

C. Flower     11.1.2010